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DIY (Do it Yourself) Water Tank Kit

Our DIY Water Tanks Kits include a completed tank along with all of the parts and kits needed to perform your own install

Mild or stainless steel. Ideal for many applications including dust control, street cleaning, water hauling, fire control, crowd control, forest service, military duty, and others

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♦ Tank 3/16” A36 steel plates
♦ 1/4” z sub-frame with cross members & end bolsters
♦ Entire tank welded inside & out
♦ Baffles (1-3 depending on capacity)
♦ Baffles have 22” crawl holes (off center)

DIY Tank Kits Include
♦ Tank (choice of size)
♦ Ladder Mounted at Rear
♦ Lift Eyes (2) mounted at top
♦ Man Way opening 24” X 24”
♦ Overhead Hydrant Fill Plumbing
♦ Primer Coated
♦ Water Level Sight Tubes, (1) Front, (1) Rear
♦ Fender KIT
♦ Inlet Discharge Plumbing KIT
♦ Lighting (DOT) KIT
♦ Mounting Tank KIT
♦ Mud Flap KIT
♦ Pump Berkley 4×3
♦ Spray System, (2) Front, (2) Rear, (1) Driver Side KIT


Warranty: 5 Year tank workmanship warranty

Availability: We stock our common size tanks; however, most tanks are built to order with quick turnaround time, typically within 2-6 week from receipt of order. Rush orders are also available

Shipping: USA, Canada & Mexico shipments via flatbed trailer, International via ocean cargo container

Payment: We Accept Cash, Wire, and Checks

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