International Shipping
WaterTruckDepot ships worldwide and can generally ship or assist you with shipping your item(s) overseas. We can recommend a shipper and a broker for these purposes.

Shipping to Canada or Mexico
If your purchased item is being shipped to Canada or Mexico, it will be necessary for you to attain the services of a customs broker. Your broker will be able to verify any applicable customs, duties and/or import fees.

Delivery Delays
WaterTruckDepot uses a variety of common carriers for shipping based on what is the most cost effective and reliable service at the time an order is placed. There are times when those common carriers are unable to provide on-time delivery, including but not limited to during extreme weather situations, national emergencies, extreme holiday periods and other times. While WaterTruckDepot does everything in its power to insure products are shipped efficiently and quickly, once a package is entrusted to a common carrier, WaterTruckDepot is no longer responsible for the timeliness of delivery.

Product Damage During Delivery
Once a package is entrusted to a common carrier, WaterTruckDepot is no longer responsible for the condition of products upon delivery. WaterTruckDepot makes every effort to ensure that your product/s are being transported by a reliable carrier. Issues with shipping should be addressed directly to the common carrier entrusted with your package.

Unloading Products Upon Delivery
The buyer herein accepts full responsibility for unloading cargo from truck. Buyer is responsible for off-loading cargo and all related charges. The customer should have the necessary means to offload products, which may require a fork lift, loading dock, crane or roll-back truck.

Unloading Time 
During the unloading of large machinery the shipping company allows 2 hours for unloading from trailer. If additional time is required for unloading, the carrier may charge additional fees and these fees are the full responsibility of the buyer and these additional fees will be charged to the buyers account or, if the buyer paid by credit card, the charge will be assessed to the buyer’s credit card.

Address Correction and Intercept Charges
It’s the responsibility of the person that has placed the order to make sure that the order is going to the correct location. Please have the correct recipient name, street address, city, zip code, company name and suite or apt # if necessary.

When an order is placed through the website, you have agreed to provide us with the correct address. If WaterTruckDepot is billed a service charge by the common carrier entrusted with delivery of your package because you’ve provided an incorrect address, WaterTruckDepot reserves the right to bill the credit card that you made payment with for the same amount.

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